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Why G.C.S Taxi?

G.C.S. is short for Great Comfort Service - representing the unique experience we strive to offer our customers - in terms of quality, safety, efficiency, swiftness and overall service.

We are located in Sassenheim and operate in a broad region around Leiden and Teylingen. In addition, we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Your safety and delivering excellent service are the focus of our certified, English-speaking drivers. All of our taxis are smoke-free, and have A/C (air conditioning).

Certified and reliable

Qualified drivers

All our drivers are in possession of the required diplomas and the so-called 'chauffeurs pass'. The latter is a Dutch certification, which represents reliability, GCS being in compliance with the local regulations, and having sufficient street knowledge. The chauffeurs pass is an official document which is issued by the Dutch Ministry of Transport & Water Management.

Our fleet

Estate CarEstate: Foto van volvo V90 G.C.S. Taxi has a luxurious Volvo V90 at its disposal with room for four passengers and their luggage.

Foto van volvo V90

8 Seater Minibus8 Seater Minibus: Foto van ford personen busje G.C.S Taxi has a very spacious and luxirious MPV taxi - Ford Tourneo - which holds a maximum of eight passengers. In addition this MPV can hold up to ten suitcases of standard measurements.

Foto van ford personen busje

Both cars are ideal for taxi rides between our home and Amsterdam Schiphol Airport (or another airport).

G.C.S. Taxi is also well-equipped for children: to safeguard a child's safety we have certified children's seats (both baby and toddler). For the larger toddlers we have cushion enhancements.


G.C.S. Taxi can be reached via cell/mobile +31 618 20 20 97or land line: +31 71 572 42 13
For information and/or suggestions, please feel free to send an email to: info@gcs-taxi.nl